Poltronieri Tang & Associates

. . . is a planning and design firm exclusively dedicated to meeting the unique needs of healthcare facilities that serve and care for children, infants, and mothers.

Our Mission
. . . is to support the specialized care that children’s hospitals provide by designing compassionate healing environments.  We understand that “one size does not fit all”, and we are sensitive to the design issues of particular importance to children’s hospitals.  Issues like safety, playfulness, and maintainability.  We design spaces to accommodate the family, not just the patient.
Our Approach
. . . is collaborative.  We believe that outstanding design is the result of a full partnership between architects and clients.  Our unique working style is based on meaningful dialogue and results in projects that truly express the underlying dreams and goals of each client.  Poltronieri Tang provides intensive principal involvement throughout all phases of the project.
Our Process
. . . is rigorous and function driven.  Our planning process utilizes various research methods including post occupancy evaluations, staff and patient questionnaires, extensive literature reviews, site visits, as well as various first hand observation and time function studies.  We stay informed about innovative pediatric health care practices and we design spaces that support these new models of quality care giving.
Our Design Vision
. . . is of children’s health facilities that engage a child’s sense of wonder through a balance of playfulness and serenity.  We strive to maximize the opportunities that each site provides and design buildings that are sensitive to their contexts.
Our Comprehensive Network of Consultants
. . . allows us to customize a project team to best meet the particular challenges of each project.  Whether it is an expanded architectural team, engineers, landscape designers, exhibit consultants, artists, lighting designers, cost estimators, equipment planners or construction managers we will put the right team together to help meet your specific needs.
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Poltronieri Tang & Associates
Pediatric Healthcare Planning and Design

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