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In addition to traditional planning, architectural and interior design services Poltronieri Tang & Associates provides a wide range of pediatric specific planning services, including:

Master Planning
Children’s Hospitals are complex institutions.  Poltronieri Tang master plans provide a comprehensive yet flexible framework within which these institutions can change and grow.  Our master plans:
  • Develop and preserve functional relationships that are crucial for the efficient delivery of pediatric health care services
  • Clearly segregate patient, staff, emergency, and service circulation routes 
  • Develop a consistent and clear public face throughout all  patient care areas
  • Develop an efficient and discrete “back stage” service zone
  • Maximize the unique opportunities and special attributes of each site
Feasibility Studies
How much will it cost to relocate a particular department to a new space?  Is a certain site or area large enough to accommodate a program with a specific number and type of procedures?  Is it more cost efficient to renovate or build new?  These are the types of questions a clearly defined Poltronieri Tang feasibility study can answer for you.
Space Programming
Great design begins with thoughtful and thorough space programming.  Poltronieri Tang has the expertise to help you examine and evaluate alternative approaches for organizing your services in order to provide the most efficient, convenient, and supportive care.  Our room by room space programs begin to define important characteristics of each room as well as the necessary equipment, furniture, and engineering requirements.  We recognize and accommodate the special space needs of pediatric facilities.
Evidence Based Design Consulting and Post Occupancy Evaluations
“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.  A post occupancy evaluation is a structured way of learning important information from your existing facilities.  POE’s identify the specifics of what is and is not working for your patients and staff members.  This information is then utilized to make significant and beneficial changes in designs for the future.  Structured observation, time studies, and questionnaires, are all methods utilized.
Theme Discovery and Implementation
Each children's facility has its own unique spirit and culture.  Poltronieri Tang will work with you to discover, clarify, and strengthen your institutional mission and cultural spirit and then express it through the design of your facility.  We will develop a series of options which express your ideals through joyful and comforting themes which are engaging to the child in each of us.  We will work with you to evaluate and refine these options and then implement the theme through community and development initiatives.
Design Consultation / Staff, Patient, Family Advocacy
Poltronieri Tang is available on a consulting basis to address specific issues of concern to project teams working on the design and development of children’s healthcare projects. Poltronieri Tang is working as the patient and family advocate on numerous large scale projects. We work with patient and family committees to help them articulate and prioritize their needs and then insure that these issues are appropriately integrated into the design of the building.
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