St. Louis Children's Hospital

Strategic Facilities Plan

Poltronieri Tang & Associates (PT&A) has worked with St. Louis Children’s Hospital to develop a strategic campus vision and 15 year facilities "roadmap" for all future projects within its system.  The plan includes a vision for the comprehensive range of pediatric services provided at this Mid-West children’s hospital which is currently ranked number five in the United States. 

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Some of the key issues addressed by the planning study include:

  • How to fully integrate maternity and NICU services at the campus while maintaining separate identities and accommodating emerging models of fetal surgery
  • How to convert all bed units to private room models and increase bed capacity while at the same time implementing lean process improvement goals
  • How to create a comprehensive intensive diagnostic and treatment zone within the hospital to included expanded and lean operations within the ED, trauma, helipad, imaging, surgical suite, and critical care units
  • How to create separate and distinct circulation systems for inpatients, outpatients, materials management, and staff
  • How to better meet the needs of patients and family members particularly for children with chronic complex medical conditions
  • How to best distribute pediatric clinics and specialty outpatient services between on-campus and new off-site facilities in the community
  • How to establish new green guidelines for children’s healthcare
  • How to design to anticipate increasing integration of research and education onto the clinical units
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The inclusive planning process included interviews and town hall meetings with a broad range of constituents, including clinical and support staff members, hospital and system administration, facilities staff members, board members, patient and families, and lean/black belt representatives from the BJC health care system.  The PT&A team was also responsible for development of all related utilization projections, space programs, operational analysis, physical options development, as well as scheduling and cost budget models. 

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“We selected Poltronieri Tang & Associates for our strategic facilities plan after an exhaustive proposal and review process because of the depth of their children's hospital experience and the commitment of their principal leadership to our project.  We have not been disappointed.  Their thorough and responsive approach has given us the information we need to chart our facilities course for the next 15 years with confidence.”

Rick Majzun
VP Strategic Operations and Planning, St. Louis Children’s Hospital


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